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Tutoring in all Math Subjects and Economics


We will start with an evaluation of the student's understanding of the material to identify strengths and weaknesses. I will then put together a course plan to get the student caught up and fully understanding the material. From there, we will monitor the student's progress and ongoing understanding of the material.


Hourly Rates:

Tutoring: $70/hour



Virtual Homework Reviews


Tutoring works best with daily practice. Working on a face-to-face basis

helps secure the mathematical processes, while virtual homework

reviews the following day or even later that day help solidify the material. I offer 15-45 minute virtual homework review sessions via Skype and Go-To-Meeting.



15 minutes: $10

30 minutes: $25

45 minutes: $35


Please email me a copy of the assigment 10 minutes

prior to any homework review session


Tip: Take a picture of the assignment with your cell phone

and email it to me for easy

"I look forward to answering your email." - Katya
Questions? Ready to Schedule?








Tutoring & Virtual Homework Services Include

Satisfied Clients:

"Hi Katya!  Hope you are ready for the holidays!  I wanted to let you know that Ella's SAT scores came in today.  She did amazing!  We were hoping to increase her math about 20 points, 520-540.  She went up 60 points, to a 580!  Awesome!  Everyone was so happy!"


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